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Our Travel Route:


We hope you enjoy reading our posts and make comments on the way :-)


Gary & Ali xxx

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  1. Michelle Thomas

    Finally I have caught up with you Alison hee hee. It looks like you have both had an amazing time, so jealous :). Keep in touch and hope to catch up when you return xx

  2. Grandad & nana

    Hi Ali & Gary, Very interesting, it will toughen you up when you start work..

    Nanna & Grandad xxx

  3. Grandad & nana

    Enjoyed your comments and reading about your journey very interesting

  4. Grandad & nana

    Happy birthday Gary Hope you enjoy it very much. Keep sober. Lots of love and best wishes. From Nanna@ Grandad xxxx

  5. Jack Henderson

    Wellington looks an amazing city!!

  6. Mam

    Hi Gary and Ali loved your blog hope you are having a great adventure
    Missing you both

  7. Grandad & nana

    just had a look at your website we are jealous as we are stuck in cold England you lucky people

    • Gary

      Haha I’m sure it will warm up soon! Very impressed that you’re on the computer Grandad and Nana! Hope you are both well and we look forward to seeing you when we are back home. Love Gary & Ali x

  8. Roy and Trout

    Me and you mum will miss you two so much but have a great adventure we look forward to the blogs have fun and look after each other we will have a welcome back party!! Love you both so much
    R & T

  9. Laura

    Have a fantastic time you two! Can’t wait to hear about your experience!!! Keeeeeeeeen x x x

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